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Litigation Support

For more than 15 years, Quest Consultants has been providing litigation support to legal and forensic accounting firms.  Our specialty is the conversion of diverse types of financial data that, as raw data, would be incomprehensible or confusing to a jury, into 3 dimensional color charts that can easily demonstrate the points that the litigation team is attempting to get across.  When appropriate, the charts  contain statistical trends and other options that  enable complex concepts to be made clear in a trial setting.  Graphs and charts are also converted to PowerPoint presentations when appropriate. 

Financial & Lending Solutions

With nearly 30 years of experience in the real estate and mortgage industry, Quest Consultants offers borrowers a number of unique solutions for their non-residential financial needs:

Commercial Lending
Bridge, Hard Money, Commercial Construction & Construction-to-Perm loans
SBA Lending
Cash-Flow & Private Note Buyouts
Bi-Weekly Payment Conversion Program for ANY Fixed Payment Mortgage or Periodic Debt

Credit Support

While we are not credit consultants, we offer a wealth of free credit growth and correction information; computer analysis of credit improvement possibilities and interfaces to credit providers. 

Alternative Fuel Project

Green Source Fuel and Green Source Organics are slated to to provide Bio-Diesel, BD/Petroleum blends such as B5 & B20 to the tri-state area of southern NJ, Delaware and SE PA as well as a wide variety of feed and food products, chemicals and other products derived by the wastes of the Biodiesel industry. Initially, waste oil from the food processing/rendering industry, along with unused vegetable oils and inedible nut oils are planned to be the raw source of the starting material. When available, oil from algae will be utilized. R & D will include algae as a source and utilization of bio-diesel as a starting point for bio-kerosene, which does not have the inherent biodiesel property of thickening in cold temperatures.  

Automatic Commerce Division

A division offering next generation ATM/Commerce machines & software/support. 


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